I do not know who Richard MacMillan is referring to when he says, “In the last several months the Work Center engaged in many conversations and established working groups to ensure we work to become a fully equitable organization.” I just know that I was not one of these people. Before leaving Provincetown I asked on several occasions to contribute to discussions around diversity and inclusion in particular and was denied access to these discussions.

I am writing to you as the former Visual Arts Coordinator of the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, as well as a former fellow…

with Peter J. Harris

Whenever I think of Peter J. Harris, he is beaming, radiating, emanating a sense of joy.

So as I begin this monumental project in Black Eden (Idlewild, MI), which is, in so many ways, a dream come true for me, I felt the necessity to start with Peter on joy.

These discussions will be a part of a series as I work through questions surrounding community and cultural work. It will be a way for me to document my own process as I navigate my dreams. I am building a residency space for artists and scientists that includes permacultural…

Lydia Hicks

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